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  Dynamic IP Notifier is the world's SIMPLEST IP notification tool.
  Monitors internal & external IP addresses!
  Send an e-mail or ping URL when IP changes!
  Fully customizable, with NO ongoing fees!
  Support for Windows, Mac and Linux!
There are many reasons for keeping track of a computer's IP address.
You may use RDP, FTP, or Remote Assistance. You may need to monitor IPs in your network. You might want to track IP addresses to simplify setting up gaming connections.
Whatever your need, Dynamic IP Notifier ensures that YOU are kept up-to-date - at ALL times!
What is Dynamic IP Notifier?
  Dynamic IP Notifier sits on your computer, and monitors your internal and external
IP addresses. Whenever these change, it lets you know!

Dynamic IP Notifier can be setup to send you an e-mail message, ping a specific
website address, or even launch a program with details of your IP address.
Each can be customized with specific parameters, to ensure you have TOTAL control.

  Dynamic IP Notifier runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers
MONITOR Your IP Address 24/7 - Dynamic IP Notifier will keep tracking ALL of your IP addresses around the clock, and gets in touch when anything changes!
Keeps Track of Internal AND External IPs - Many programs just report internal IPs, useless for accessing remotely. This application does it ALL!
Get Notified ANY WAY You Want - Let Dynamic IP Notifier send you an e-mail, connect to a website, and/or launch a program to notify you of IP changes!
Automatically Runs on Startup - No extra configuration steps required! Just install Dynamic IP Notifier, configure it once -- and forget all about it!
Power User Configuration Support - Want to really configure Dynamic IP Notifier to the max? The app supports full parameter configuration for true power users!
Works on ANY Platform - No matter whether you're using Windows, a Mac, or
Linux, our application will work perfectly on your platform.
Dynamic IP Notifier Screenshots
These screenshots show the Windows version. Roll over thumbnails to view a larger image.    
  Ready to get started with Dynamic IP Notifier?
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